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TopDown: The Best Windblocker / Windstop / Windscreen / Windbreaker for your Miata, MGB, BMW Z3, Ford Thunderbird, Chrysler Crossfire, or Hard Dog Bar

Renew the thrill of driving your car with top down by eliminating unrelenting wind buffeting and turbulence.  Enjoy the freedom, thrill, and excitement of top down driving enjoyment with TopDown's Windblocker / Windstop / Windscreen / Windbreaker products for the Miata, BMW Z3, Ford Thunderbird, Chrysler Crossfire, MGB, or Hard Dog Roll bar.

Now constructed with virtually unbreakable 1/4 inch abrasion resistant Lexan!  This material will continue to look like new for many years of service, and the thick material is very rigid eliminating any wobbling or oscillations.

(For non Miata, MGB, BMW Z3, Crossfire, Thunderbird windblocker / windscreen / windstop, go to DropTop)

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TopDown products ON SALE now.
All products come with a 30-day return policy and one year warranty
Now featuring invisible straps.
Also available in a smoked tint option

Why you want a Windblocker: Why you want to buy this Windscreen:
bulletEliminates constant wind noise  and turbulence.
bulletThe most coverage of all windblocker.
bulletPrevents unrelenting wind buffeting and driver fatigue.
bulletWinglets prevent annoying side drafts.
bulletA much quieter cockpit.  You'll be able to hear yourself think again.
bulletFully envelopes passengers for full protection and maximum comfort.
bulletDoes not restrict seat movement.
bulletVery easy to install; take on and off.
bulletTalk clearly on your cell phone.
bulletOff and on in seconds.
bulletCarry on conversations with your passenger without straining your voice.
bulletNo drilling required. 
bulletArrive with your hair in place and free of tangles, especially long hair.
bulletDoes not interfere with boot cover.
bulletEnjoy the full richness and clarity of your stereo.
bulletRaise and lower the top with windblocker in place.
bulletTake long trips comfortably.
bulletSeats can be positioned independently.
bulletCruise at night without freezing from cold drafts.

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