TopDown Windscreens: Largest Coverage For Maximum Turbulence Reduction

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    Miata Windscreen, Miata wind deflector; Miata windblocker

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    Thunderbird Windscreen

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Why you want a Windblocker:

  •   Eliminates constant wind noise and turbulence.
  •   Prevents unrelenting wind buffeting and driver fatigue.
  •   A much quieter cockpit.You'll be able to hear yourself think again.
  •   Does not restrict seat movemet.
  •   Talk clearly on your cell phone.
  •   Carry on conversations with your passenger without straining your voice.
  •   Arrive with your hair in place and free of tangles,especially long hair.
  •   Enjoy the full richness and clarity of your stereo.
  •   Take long trips comfortably.
  •   Cruise at night without freezing from cold drafts

Why you want to buy this Windscreen:

  •   The most coverage of all windblockers.
  •   Winglets prevent annoying side drafts.
  •   Fully envelopes passengers for full protection and maximum comfort.
  •   Very easy to install;take on and off.
  •   Off and on in seconds.
  •   No drilling required.
  •   Does not interfere with the boot cover.
  •   Raise and lower the top with windblocker in place.
  •   Seats can be positioned independently.