TopDown Windscreens: Largest Coverage For Maximum Turbulence Reduction

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  • Raise-and-lower the top with the windscreen remaining in place
  • Get the winglet advantage and prevent annoying side drafts.
  • TopDown Miata windscreens are the only windscreens with winglets
  • These winglets fold out to extend coverage while you’re driving top-down, and fold back in so you can leave the windscreen in-place while raising the top.
  • Get the absolute best Miata wind deflector for coverage.


  • Eliminate wind noise and turbulence
  • Prevent unrelenting wind buffeting and driver fatigue
  • Does not restrict seat movement
  • Talk clearly on your cell phone
  • Carry on conversations with your passenger without raising your voice
  • Arrive with your hair in place and free of tangles, especially long hair
  • Enjoy the full richness and clarity of your stereo
  • Talk long trips comfortably
  • Cruise at night or in winter without freezing from cold drafts


  • The most coverage of all windblockers
  • Winglets prevent annoying side drafts
  • Fully envelopes passengers for full protection and comfort
  • Off and on in seconds
  • No drilling required! Fits existing holes. Does not permanently alter your Miata!
  • Does not interfere with the boot cover
  • Raise and lower the top without needing to remove the windblocker
  • Seats can be positions independently
  • Additional straps prevent lateral movement, greatly reducing noise-induced vibrations.

Executive Summary:

  • TopDown is the best value windblocker for you Miata.Miata owners certainly have a other choices for purchasing a windblocker for their beloved car.These choices cover the range of styles and prices, from $60 plastic envelopes to $270 cloth-mesh windblockers.
  • TopDown distinguishes itself on value, by being the best performing windblocker.The performance is based upon several years of extensive design and redesign, hundreds of hours of testing, and feedback from hundreds of customers.
  • All of this research shows up in the final product: a correctly sized windblocker that captures the most turbulence (being off even a half inch in height can make a significant difference).The bracketing system is correctly position for the most effective performance.The winglets are correctly sized to block the wind that leaks around the size.Everything on TopDown’s windblocker is deliberate, and no other windblocker on the market correctly captures all of the subtle, but important, nuances that are needed to construct a high performing windblocker.
  • The bottom line is TopDown has the highest quality windblocker at a middle-of-the-market price, creating the highest value windblocker on the market.You will notice the difference, and you will not be disappointed.