TopDown Windscreens: Largest Coverage For Maximum Turbulence Reduction


The winglets are hinged flaps positioned on the edge of the windblocker. Fully deployed, the winglets block the air gap between the of the seat to the window. Retracted, the top can then be lifted up with the windblocker remaining in place.
winglet1Winglets retracted
winglet3_smallWinglet close-up retracted
winglet2_smallWinglets deployed
winglet4_smallWinglet close-up deployed


TopDown is the only manufacturer of a windblocker with winglets. These winglets prevent the annoying air leaks invading around the edge of the seat. While traditional windblockers protect occupants only to the center of the passenger compartment, TopDown’s windblocker shields occupants on both sides of their body.
The result is the most comfortable ride available for the Miata. This claim isn’t merely advertising fluff. Since TopDown’s windblocker has the greatest coverage and cradles passengers on both sides of their bodies, the result is a truly comfortable ride.